Q. Why is the Blocker Tie Ring a good solution for pull-back problems?

Horses are claustrophobic by nature and have a fight or flight instinct built in; some horses panic when they feel trapped or realize that they are tied solid. The Blocker Tie Ring relieves the source of panic for horses that have a pull back problem by allowing the horse to pull the lead rope through the tie ring, simultaneously preventing him from hurting himself and easing his fear. Visit Pull Back Problems if you would like a detailed explanation of how to correct this behaviour.

Q. My young horse isn’t broke to tie yet. Can the Blocker Tie Ring help?

Yes, the Blocker Tie Ring is a great tool for teaching young horses to tie. When we train horses, we teach them to give to pressure and that’s just what the Blocker Tie Ring does. When your horse pulls on the lead rope, he feels pressure on his head, neck and poll. With the Blocker Tie Ring, the instant he stops pulling back, he’s rewarded with a release of pressure. The Blocker Tie Ring supports and reinforces your training efforts. Visit Training Horses to Tie if you would like a detailed explanation of how to get started.

Q. My horse unties himself. Could he untie with the Blocker Tie Ring?

First, try tying your horse with the Blocker Tie Ring at the different tying levels. If your horse continues to untie himself, tie your horse at tying level one, then make a knot at the loose end of the lead rope and pull the lead rope through until the knot stops at the tie ring. Tie the knot at the end of the lead rope only if your horse doesn’t have a pull back problem.

Q. I currently use quick release snaps when trailering. Is the Blocker Tie Ring safer?

The Blocker Tie Ring is especially convenient and safe to use in horse trailers. When a horse falls in a trailer, people risk serious injury trying to get them loose — even with quick release knots and safety snaps. The Blocker Tie Ring allows your horse to pull enough slack in the lead rope to get up on his own, reducing your need to manually free your horse and your chances of getting hurt.

Q. How can I be sure my horse won’t get loose if the lead rope slips all the way through the Blocker Tie Ring?

This is a great question and a lot has to be considered to completely answer it. The fact is, you can’t be sure that your horse won’t get loose using a tie ring or any other tying method.

The first thing that needs to be considered is your horse’s training. Is he broke to tie? Will he stand quietly without pulling back?

If you aren’t sure or the answer is “no”, then you will have to re-school or train your horse. For tips on training your horse to tie, go to our tips page.

If the answer is yes, then you really shouldn’t have to worry about your horse getting loose. The Blocker Tie Ring offers enough resistance through the different tying methods and use of different types of lead ropes to hold almost any horse that has been properly broke to tie.

Most likely, it would only be in a true emergency or dire circumstance that a broke horse would pull a lead rope all the way through the Blocker Tie Ring and get loose. For example, in the case of a fire or a trailer accident you’d want your horse to be able to get away without hurting himself or you. Of course, these are very serious matters and not so pleasant to think about, but the fact that the Blocker Tie Ring releases a lead rope may help avoid additional tragedy in dangerous situations.

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